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Kassym-Jomart Tokayev: I don’t believe that Nazarbayev will go to presidential election in 2020

I should mention that President Nazarbayev was elected until 2020. Whether he will be reelected once again or not. It’s up to him.
Zholdas Orisbay

Kazakh citizen has tricked 34 of his own compatriots out of $441,400 in the US

The journalist of conducted an investigation of the scam artist, who tricked his own compatriots abusing his trust as a friend
Zholdas Orisbay

Stay connected with Nommi

Kazakhstan is not a well-known country for its tech entrepreneurs or so-called internet of things. But what if a new generation of Nomads in Kazakhstan solves an issue of staying online wherever you want? And the entrepreneur is female. You probably want to know.
Zholdas Orisbay

What is The Future of Journalism?

In the rapidly changing world, QNN reporter asked Michio Kaku’s opinion on the future of Journalism.
Zholdas Orisbay

Why important who will be next president of Kazakhstan?

Kazakh Senate speaker Kassym Jomart Tokayev intrigued people of Kazakhstan when he was interviewed by BBC’s Stephen Sackur for HARDTalk.
Zholdas Orisbay

Kazakhstan's National Debt increased by $1.7 billion

National Debt of Kazakhstan has been gone up for 16.8 per cent of country's GDP to the same time. In overall count, each citizen needs to pay $9 000.
Zholdas Orisbay